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The McKinsey Way


This great book gives a real glimpse into the McKinsey culture and approach and more broadly it gives a true overview of how the consulting industry works. It is a good read for those who are approaching the industry and want a first-hand view on what the daily life of consultants is like.

It is a very easy and quick read.

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This website is operated by managers from top consulting firms (i.e. Engagement Managers and Principals from BCG, McKinsey and Bain) who also recruit undergrad and MBA candidates for their companies.

We prepared this page to help you navigate more easily around the content of the website.

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Consulting 101

Consulting 101 is our series of articles aimed at helping you to understand everything about this job: what consultants do, how they travel, how much they make, anything… and all the information is first-hand based on our long-lasting experience with the top strategic consulting companies. Here are some of our favourite articles on this topic.

The core of this website is our blog that we update regularly.

The blog is structured across three categories: 

Our suggested resource:

Interview Preparation

This section includes all the articles aimed at helping you succeed in your recruiting interviews and more broadly in the recruitment process as a whole. We are going to discuss how to optimize you resume, how to prepare your interview cases, etc., and this will be done by leveraging our insiders' recruitment experience. So there's no theory, no fluffy information - just the pure perspective of real consulting firms' recruiters Here are a couple of our recommended articles:

Our suggested resources:

Career Boost

Career Boost is focused on consultants that have already joined their company and are seeking to improve their core consulting skills or simply want to get the most out of the consulting experience (e.g. work-life-balance, perks optimization, etc). Our recommended articles for this section are:

Our suggested resource:

Case in Point


This is the great classic of case prep courses that most of us (authors of the website) used back in the day.

It is well written, well structured and clear and give tons of great suggestions. It's definitely a must have for you guys that are soon approaching consulting interviews. 

Don't forget to do tons of practice too - theory alone from the book is a good start, but it won't take you anywhere without a good number of mock interviews to put into practice the insights gained from the book.

Mock interviews


Mock interviews must comprise the core part of your interview preparation plan. We recommend that you have at least 3 mock interviews with consultants that work in your target consulting companies.

We are happy to help you! We have experienced real McKinsey, BCG and Bain recruiters that assist you with getting ready!

If you’ve arrived here then it’s clear that you don't lack the commitment or determination to succeed. I am certain that the above-mentioned resources will be a great compass for you to navigate across the consulting sea... enjoy our website!

The Management Consultant - mastering the art of consultancy


The book aims at answering one simple question: "What does it take to be a successful management consultant?"

It is an easy yet useful read that guides you through the skills and attributes that make great consultants and explains how to develop them and increase your performance (and so bonus and career).

Highly Recommended!

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